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Special Projects & Repairs

Flooring Repairs and Special Projects Giving You a Headache?

Call Inside Edge, the national flooring experts, the next time you’re in need of flooring repairs and want it done right the first time.

Over 5,000 Repairs and Special Projects Annually!

Special Projects - No Headaches with Inside EdgeRepairs and special projects work may not be your first priority, but it is ours! If you’re like most busy Facilities and Maintenance managers today, you are juggling many different priorities and sometimes those less-urgent, but necessary, repairs and special projects end up taking a back seat. Inside Edge can help take a load off your mind. Our dedicated Repairs & Special Projects team is experienced with treating any type of flooring repair. Repair work is what they do, day-in and day-out.

>> We Offer:

  • A dedicated Team experienced with treating any type of flooring repair
  • Quick response from a single point of contact
  • A "quick look" analysis
  • 5 Day Turn-around commitment
  • 1 Year Warranty of our workmanship
  • Re-purposing of material remnants

>> Range Of Repairs:

  • Tripping Hazards
    • Loose Transaction Strips
    • Carpet Tile Peaking
    • Broadloom Unraveling
  • Sub-Floor Issues
  • Structural Issues
  • Structural Concerns
  • Cracked or Damaged VCT or Ceramic Tile
  • Stained, Worn, Unappealing Flooring

>> Range of Special Projects:

A special project may be:

  • A small or large group of similar projects
  • A rollout of projects with a specific deadline
  • A project involving multiple facilities in different geographic markets, but with the same or similar scope of work
  • A one-or-two night project over multiple locations.


  • Vestibules or entry replacements
  • Department flooring “refresh”
  • Flooring replacements for non-sales floor areas

Advantages of Inside Edge managing your repairs and special projects?

  • You can “try-on” our experience with minimal risk – Having Inside Edge perform your repair work is a low-cost, low-risk way to try out our experience. Once you’ve tried us out, we’ll have learned more about your type of projects, flooring needs and finishes. Now you can entrust your flooring project to one national company versus trying to manage multiple regional contacts.
  • You have the assurance that your repairs will always be a priority – Our dedicated team’s focus, everyday, is performing repairs and special projects. This type of work is their priority. We want your repairs business because it’s what our team exists to do.
  • Your flooring finishes are archived for future reference – When Inside Edge performs work for you, we electronically archive the details of your flooring finishes so you always have them available for reference.
  • You get a team that is flexible and accommodating – Our Inside Edge team is experienced at working with other contractors involved with your projects

Inside Edge Environmental Brochure

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